UKIP:- Robin Hood UKIP: Gerard Batten MEP No to the EU London speech: 

Common Sense:- BBC: UKIP’s David McNarry says he fears ISIL may be operating in Northern Ireland: 

UTV: UKIP ‘Leading the way on Europe’ – McNarry:

Oldham West:- Sun-Nation: Labour set for a bloody nose at Oldham ballot box: 

Telegraph: Labour support at ballot box could be halved at Oldham by-election, polling suggests: 

Guido Fawkes: Labour’s Oldham candidate rakes in over £80,000 in council allowances:

Huff-Post: Labour’s Oldham West by-election candidate Jim McMahon warns against UKIP going back to ‘dark days’ of racial division:

Home Affairs:- Mail: Six British men driving three old ambulances are arrested in Belgium:

Telegraph: The UK’s energy ‘policy’ is an act of national suicide:

Express: Jeremy Corbyn: Now is time to negotiate with ISIS in wake of Paris terror attacks:

Telegraph: Council bosses earning as much as footballers: 

Mail: Sex, suicide & chilling threats: How the scandal engulfing David Cameron’s chum has sparked civil war in the Labour party:

Migrant Crisis:- Breitbart: Security sources: Scores of terrorists hiding among migrants streaming into Europe: 

Breitbart: French President Hollande announces: We will take 30,000 refugees, ‘life must go on’.

Sputnik: Finland busts key refugee myth: They are mostly male and not from Syria:

RT: Far-right falling for ISIS narrative? Paris attacks being used to target Islam, refugees:

World Affairs:- Conservative Tribune: US military pilots provide solid proof that Obama is helping ISIS … Here’s what they’re saying:

Express: Turkey threatens Russia over bid to obliterate sick Islamic state terrorists:

TFTP: Russia destroys most ISIS heavy weaponry, US promptly airdrops 50 tons of weapons into Syria:

EURef:- Telegraph: UK credit rating may survive Brexit, says Moody’s:

Mediaocre:- Telegraph: Simon Heffer: Paris is tragic proof that Enoch Powell was right about threats to our country: 

Mail: Peter Hitchens: David Cameron has guns, bombs & a plane – and not one good idea: 

Express: Little Manchester to little Morocco: EU insanity led to Belgium problem, says Nick Ferrari:

Breitbart: Army chaplains to lose Christian motto because it might offend Muslims:

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