UKIP:- Express: EU’s “Come one, come all” is causing an exodus of biblical proportions, says Farage:

Common Sense:- Telegraph: Nigel Farage: ‘Do I look ill? Do I? I’m ready to lead.’

Breitbart: Paul Nuttall MEP: The ‘Inconvenient truths’ of the migrant crisis:

Migrant Mess:- The Right Scoop: Must-Watch: Whistle-blower doctor explains horrific reality dealing with Muslim invaders in Germany: 

Breitbart: German-Turkish author warns Europe against importing an Islamic cultural crisis: 

Express:  Hungary was right on migrant crisis says former Hungarian refugee:

Home Affairs: Express: Britain plans to deploy Trident for first time since cold war in face of Putin aggression: 

Breitbart: Schools with high numbers of migrants get lower test scores:

World Affairs:- Express: Russian ‘jet shot down by Turkey after it flew into their airspace, according to reports:

Sputnik-News: US spent a year bombing Syrian desert, not ISIL-Russian MP:

The Washington Free Beacon: U.S. pulls aircraft carrier central in fight against Islamic State from Persian Gulf:

Modern Tokyo News: Saudi Arabia threatens to supply surface-to-air missiles to terrorists in Syria: Russia should play check-mate:

EURef:- Telegraph: EU referendum: Cameron tells Merkel more work needed for a deal:

Reuters: UK lawmakers to weigh up economic case for EU exit: 

RT: 3 top political donors to fund EU Brexit campaign: 

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