UKIP:- Express: Farage on Friday: David Cameron is ducking election debates he is ‘frit’ of UKIP

Bill Etheridge MEP discusses French attacks  with RT International

Huff-Post: Steven Woolfe MEP: Labour’s awful record on the NHS

GE2015:- Telegraph: Postcode lottery in health funding ‘made worse by immigration’

Telegraph: Ministers take over ‘bankrupt’ hospitals

Daily Star: East 17 star Brian Harvey, hands MP homemade dossier on historic child sex abuse

Telegraph: Charlie Hebdo terror mentor’s wife is on benefits and living in Leicester

EUreka:- Express: British taxpayers face £4bn bill for ‘extravagant’  pensions for EU officials

CityAM: EU regulation is not helping UK, report claims

Mediaocre:- Breitbart: The roots of muslim rage, revisited

NewsHub: Islam and the west – Are they compatible?

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