UKIP:- Farage for Breitbart: Why for the first time in 29 Question Time appearances, I applauded another member of the panel:   

Mike Hookem MEP: Rising security concerns for British forces in German migrant crisis deeply troubling: 

UKIP Daily: Roger Helmer MEP:  Farmers for Brexit: 

Brexit:- Politics-Home: Brexit in the balance: Britain’s older voters become more Eurosceptic: 

Express: Ten ways you’ve failed Britain, Mr Cameron: Brexit campaigners blast PM’s ‘feeble’ EU deal:

Migrant-Mess:- Express: Armed militia groups attack migrants n Calais jungle as race tensions reach boiling point: 

Home-Affairs:- Muslim Statistics: UK: Muslims fill 44% of high security prisons, out of a 5% Muslim population:

Mail:- Pub landlord ‘told by council officers to remove Union Jack jacket because it might offend people:

World-Affairs:- Heat: Iowa caucus voting fraud: Trump won by a landslide:

The West Australian: Former Islamic Extremist: ‘The far left is helping ISIS’:

EURef:- Guardian: Barack Obama plans intervention in Britain’s EU referendum:

EUreka:- Times: Greece receives formal notice of expulsion from Schengen:

Telegraph: EU should be broken up….World-index-of-economic-freedom:

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