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Whatever the truth about harassment allegations by UKIP’s gen sec, the LibDems would be wise to look and learn from how UKIP have handled it.

UKIP:- Express: Farage on Friday: Question time was not about Brand but raised how we are failing children

Huff-Post: When is racism acceptable asks Jonathan Arnott MEP

Common Sense:- Today’s Telegraph poison: Revealed: How Nigel Farage & UKIP begged for Enoch Powell’s support

Independent: It was UKIP MEP’s brother who sprung to Nigel Farage’s defence on question time

GE 2015:- Telegraph: British Boots on the ground in Iraq…Defence secretary 

Express: Tip of iceberg fear as 18,000 migrants are siezed in a year

Evening Standard: Killer got a British passport despite telling officials he stabbed someone to death

EUreka:- Express: Forget parliament-Its the EU that makes our laws

thecommentator: More outrageous EU demands

The Slog: Smart money on Tsipras to be Greek PM by the end of January

EUobserver: Juncker: Greece should avoid ‘wrong outcome’ in elections

Mediaocre:- CapX: Every dictator has made the same anti-democracy arguments as Russell Brand

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