UKIP:- Paul Nuttall MEP: Never mind an English national anthem, where’s our English Parliament? 

Migrant-Crisis: Express: Refugee numbers reach 60 million. How can Europe house them all?

Breitbart: 15-year-old boy was stabbed to death by Arab migrant because he was protecting young girl from sex assault: 

Mail: Group of migrant boys sexually assault girls at Austrian school: 

Mail: Sue Reid blames Germans for migrant sex attacks:

Home-Affairs:- Yorkshire Post: Comment: Just what do you mean there’s no plan for agriculture outside the EU?

World-Affairs:- Breitbart: Obama: ‘We might cure cancer,’ but if temps go up by 2 degrees, it won’t matter: 
TASS: Moscow slams US for armour deployment in Eastern Europe:
Breitbart: Kirstie Alley: Trump ‘Is waking this country up’

EURef:- Politics-Home: Eurosceptic Tories shift towards Grassroots Out campaign:

The Economist: European Union: Let the campaigners begin:

EUreka:- Mail: German minister calls for tax on fuel to pay for immigration: 

Business Insider: The EU’s top migration official has warned that the refugee situation is getting worse:The New Observer:- Sweden: State-funded Muslim “sniper” training:

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