Pic:- Which party is most likely to stick to Its manifesto pledge: UKIP 39% Con 26% Lab 21% SNP 8% LD 2% Oth 4% (Over 13,000 votes)

Poll:- Survation: Con 34%(+4) Lab 33%(-2) UKIP 17%(+1) LD 7% (-1) Gn 3%(-1)

Survation: England only: Con 35.8% Lab 34.5% UKIP 18.5% LD 6.4% Gn 4.8%

UKIP:- Nathan Gill MEP: Multi-billion pound foreign aid scandal proves UKIP has been the only party telling the truth about overseas aid

Common Sense:- R.I.C.S:  UKIP is the first party to agree to RICS property in politics

Express: Farage comes out fighting for Britain in debate with left-wing party leaders

Telegraph: UKIP claim BBC ‘exposed’ over left wing debate audience

Express: BBC confirms leaders debate audience was fixed and left leaning

University of Sheffield: UKIP may threaten Labour as much as the Conservatives, study finds

Express: Small victory for UKIP… BBC backs down and gives UKIP… Green… SNP… Plaid their own TV show after debate fix row

County Times: Former Montgomeryshire MP switches sides to back UKIP candidate

Al-Jazeera: In South East England UKIP finds fertile soil

Breitbart: “If she opens the door, shoot her!” Left wing threats against UKIP candidates spreads to Norfolk

Metro: UKIP finds a new surge of support from Pakistan

IBT: UKIP under siege: 3 attacks a week on Nigel Farage supporters and property as election looms

GE15:- Breitbart: ‘Kill all men’ Lib-Dem activist in hate speech scandal

Telegraph: England will be covered by wind turbines, warn campaigners

Wales-online: Don’t vote because ‘democracy violates the right of Allah’ stickers put up in Cardiff

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