Poll:- Ipsos-Mori: Lab 33% Con 31% UKIP 16% LD 8%

Respondents asked Is UKIP a wasted vote No 48%: Yes 41% a drop from  57% in May.

The poll to watch will be the ComRes poll tonight, which will be their first one prompting for UKIP in the question.

UKIP:- Farage on Friday: ‘Rochester is high noon for Cameron – he’ll face leadership challenge if he loses’

Express: One million more migrants will flood Britain before EU vote, warns Farage 

Common Sense:- IBT: Rise of the new libertarians: meet Britain’s next political generation

Grimsby Telegraph: Former Tory local council candidate and well known trade unionist are latest defectors to join UKIP

GE2015:-  Breitbart: UKIP could support Tory minority for July 2015 EU referendum

Telegraph: Owen Paterson: Let’s put our energy into winning back ‘small c’ conservatives

Telegraph: Labour confirm their intention to concrete over the ‘green belt’

Independent: New investigation after ‘2000 police officers’ are implicated in corruption

Mediaocre:- Growing panic within Labour ranks leads to ‘Get UKIP’ group being formed

Echo: Basildon full council: Labour members storm out branding UKIP racist

News Yorkshire: Rotherham Director of childrens services Joyce Thacker given a 40K pay off

Guardian: Humble spud set to launch a world food revolution 

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