UKIP:- LBC: Nigel Farage hosts his own radio show on Sunday morning at 10:am Listen here: 

Common Sense:- Express: New French state – sanctioned refugee camp is outrageous, says Nigel Farage:  

Home-Affairs: Telegraph: David Cameron: All Britons need to show loyalty in war against ISIL.

Breitbart: Self-confessed dual loyalty Muslim appointed security chief for House of Commons:

World Affairs:- Express: Putin identifies greatest threat to Russia, and it’s not ISIS:

EURef:- Express: Britain must quit EU before ‘cataclysmic implosion’ warns top businessman:

Better Off Out: Britain votes to leave. What happens next? 

Express: John Mills: Top Labour donor is unveiled as leader of vote leave EU campaign:

Yorkshire-Post Letters: The flood of EU policies sinking Yorkshire: 

Mail: Richard Littlejohn: Brussels to Britain’s anglers – Happy New Year, you’re nicked:

thecommentator: John Redwood MP: Welcome 2016, when Britain restores her independence:

EUreka:- Telegraph: New threat to British border as France builds first official refugee camp for 13 years:

Express:- EU is to blame for floods: Brussels ban on river dredging made crisis worse, say farmers:

Breitbart: The collapse of old Europe in 2015: Not with a bang, but with a whimper: 

Christian-Today: The true nature of Islam: It’s like a deadly virus that threatens the whole world, says Muslim expert:

euobserver: Merkel: Migrants are ‘opportunity’ for Germany:

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