UKIP Conference will be screened live on BBC Parliament channel, Sky 504:-Virgin 605:- Freeview:-131 on Friday 26th September

UKIP:- Express: Farage on Friday: Alec Salmond departs leaving Britain shaken to the core:

Och Aye The No!: Nigel Farage talks with Andrew Neil about the constitutional can of worms brought about by the referendum in Scotland:

Scottish MP’s fury at Farage’s demand that they abstain from English matters

Common Sense:- Mail: Simon Heffer: Cheers! Nigel is the true winner of this debarcle: 


Mediaocre:- Breitbart: Ed Miliband should be ashamed of the referendum performance, instead he will gloat: 

Gloucester Citizen: Voting age could be lowered to 16 under Labour: 

thecommentator: After Scotland, no excuses against an EU referendum: 

Stop Common Purpose:

Evening Standard: Women only pavements  in Hackney: 

Daily Star: New abuse shocker! Sheffield hit by ‘endemic’ Asian gang child sex shame:  

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