Common Sense:- Express: Nigel Farage says people power ‘will lead the way for Britain to quit EU’

Mirror: Jamelia backlash after claiming Britain is Islamophobic in bust up with Nigel Farage

Breitbart: Humiliating: Just 15 protestors for Farage speech – ‘Get together, It’ll look better for the picture:’

Mirror: UKIP MEP: ‘Enoch Powell was right to make rivers of blood speech on immigration’

Migrant Crisis:- Express: North to bare brunt of Cameron’s 20,000 Syrian refugees with South-East barely affected

Home Affairs:- The New Observer: The extermination of the white race: 69% of all schoolchildren in Birmingham are non white

Mail: Business secretary Sajid Javid breaks ranks from cabinet by declaring the costs of staying in the EU outweigh Its benefits

Mail: Cameron’s chum engulfs Tory party in another explosive sordid sexual scandal

Huff-Post: John Simpson: British media is ‘grotesquely selective’ in reporting terror attacks

Essex Chronicle: Chelmsford Council plan to get tough on homeless, with a £100 fine for sleeping rough

World Affairs:- Express: Russia doubles jets bombing Syria ISIS targets as single missile attack kills 600 jihadi’s 

Breitbart: Hours after Obama taunts GOP with ‘widows’ female suicide bomber explodes in Paris

Global Research: Over 1000 International Scientists dissent over man-made global warming claims

Silver-Doctors: Russia’s new ‘nuclear torpedo’ can create giant tsunamis and wipe out entire coastal cities: (ignore advert, It will vaporise after 20 seconds)

EURef:- CAPX: Britain can be a stronger ally for America If It leaves the EU

EUreka:- Infowars: Report: German government covered up terror attack at stadium

Breitbart: EU taxpayer funded left-wingers descend on Hungary in an attempt to destabilise anti-migrant government

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