Common Sense:- Times: Nigel Farage named ‘Briton’ of the year

HITC:- Are UKIP on the verge of ‘major success’ in 2015?

Nope not Hope: Group of odd bedfellows  threaten to ‘burn down’ Merthyr Tydfil UKIP shop and those in it:

GE 2015:- BBC: Could e-voting be on its way to the UK?

Mail: Christopher Booker: Now Whitehall’s crazy eco-zealots want to ban your gas cooker:

Guardian: Labour bloodbath expected in Scotland:

Yahoo: Labour faces wipe-out in Scotland despite change of leader – poll

Telegraph: Speeding fines hit four year high due to new digital cameras:

Mail: A quarter of MP’s still have a relative on the payroll:

EUreka:- Akashic Times: Brits could face 10% tax on assets under a new IMF/EU  proposal:

thecommentator: Cameron’s worthless 11th hour EU “reform” con:

Mail: Old Heffer’s almanac 2015:

Mediaocre:- Mail: Seal pups injured by peers in what appears to be a ‘racist’ attack:

Express: Leo McKinstry: Even at Christmas our national faith is under attack:

Mail: BBC losing support over TV licence:

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