UKIP:- Nathan Gill MEP: 8 reasons for cutting foreign aid:  

Common Sense:- Express: UKIP claim taxpayers could save 8 billion by scrapping Scottish subsidies: 

Guardian: UKIP delegates 99% white the wrong side of 50:

Express: Scrap foreign aid to rebuild Britain’s armed forces says UKIP peer Lord Stevens:

Huff-Post: David Coburn MEP slow-handclapped so called BBC audience names:

The Times: Labour accuse UKIP of breaking EU funding rules: 

Mail: Foreigners should pay to use NHS say threequarters of GPs:

GE15:- Telegraph Immigration has gone mad  – Our borders are like a sponge:

The Times: New Labour ‘blew £230bn on errors, fraud and inefficiency’ 

EUreka:- New Left Project: Syriza MP’s revolt against the agreement: 

Mediaocre:- Express: Afghanistan army veteran kicked out of  pub over ‘offensive’ union jack shirt:

Conservative Tribune: Egypt charges Obama & Hillary conspiring with terrorist Muslim Brotherhood:

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