Common Sense:- RT: UKIP leader Nigel Farage: ‘UK may need to join Putin & Assad to battle ISIS 

Express: Nigel Farage calls for ‘Grand coalition’ to eradicate ISIS with boots on the ground

Breitbart: Listen: UKIP Deputy Paul Nuttall on Breitbart radio – ‘Radical Islam is a greater threat than Nazi Germany ever was

The Future’s UKIP: Farage slams claims Brexit would cost 100,000 Finance jobs

Oldham West & Royton:- Independent: John Bickley: UKIP candidate for Oldham by-election poses a real threat to Labour’s heartland

Manchester Evening News: ‘People are very close to having the door slammed in their face‘: Labour tales from the by-election doorstep

BBC: Labour’s Oldham by-election nerves

Guido-Fawkes: UKIP attack security risk Corbyn: (The classy comment on this piece is “They think It’s all over” It is ‘Mao’)

Home Affairs:- Express: Army & Police budgets slashed but foreign aid spending rockets by 40%

Terence Strong: Why the RAF can’t deliver the punch Cameron wants in Syria

BBC: Grant Schapps quits post amid Tory bullying claims

Breitbart: Labour MEPs vote for ‘reintegration’ of Islamic state terrorists and against ‘any border controls’

BBC: ‘Muslim hate crime has risen’ in Rotherham, says youth worker

World Affairs:- Russian Air Force annihilated militants in area where SU-24 shot down. Erdogan ordered Turkish Air Force planes grounded

Press-TV Turkey must be removed from NATO: US Army General

Sputnik: French Journalist says Forget ISIL, Turkey is new ‘Islamic Caliphate’

EURef:- Telegraph: How a secretive elite created the EU to build a one world government

Top Right News: This nation just had a massive protest against ISLAM…Horrified media censors the news

EUreka:- Express: EU and Labour MEPs say we must welcome back Jihadis because border controls are racist

BBC: Corruption across EU ‘breathtaking’ EU Commission

Voice of Albion: EU candle directive released just in time for Advent

Mediaocre:- Mail: Not so tough ISIS fighter cries like a baby after being captured by Kurdish forces

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