Common Sense:

CITYAM: Farage reckons UKIP is going to make a significant electoral breakthrough


The Sun: ‘Chicken’ Cameron accused of running scared as he ducks out of telly debates ahead of EU referendum

BBC: EU Referendum: 110 bosses say city will ‘thrive’ outside the EU

Express: Nearly two-thirds of farmers back Brexit

Home Affairs:

Express: Priti Patel: Brussels red tape ‘costs’ you £4500 each year

Mail: Michael Gove warns EU expansion will open our borders to 88 million

Breitbart: ‘Dozens’ of Tories could face prosecution for breaking electoral rules


Express: EU military police carry out ‘extremely worrying’ civil unrest crisis training

RT: Finnish parliament discusses ‘reviving economy’ by ditching the euro

Spectator: The Spectator Debate: Should Britain leave the EU – video with Andrew Neill, Nigel Farage, Kate Hoey, Nick Clegg and others


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