UKIP:- BBC: UKIP Welsh conference: ‘Massive assault’ on assembly 

Express: Farage on Friday: ‘Giving billions in foreign aid and borrowing to do it is wrong

Nigel Farage addresses audience at a UKIP fundraiser at Worcs CCC

Jane Collins MEP: “Labour hypocrisy and union double standards over the NEXT migrant workers recruitment scandal

Common Sense:- Wales-online: Former Plaid Cymru & Conservative councillors unveiled as UKIP defectors at Welsh conference

The News: Second Portsmouth branch for UKIP as popularity soars

The Spectator: I’m with Farage on breastfeeding we need to take on the frenzied glorification of motherhood

GE2015:- Express: Tory anger as Britains foreign aid bill moves closer to being enshrined in law

Telegraph: Aid budget on course to double as share of Whitehall spending

Guardian: ISIS taking control in Libya, politicians who supported intervention are dammned by their silence

The Argus: Green party candidate calls IRA terrorism justified, and Its all gone quiet at the BBC: (not UKIP is it)

EUreka:- EU Rope: Winston Churchill: A founder of the European Union

Mediaocre:- Telegraph: Under siege, the ‘biased’ BBC fights for its life

Express: Send these prisoners to penal camp, warns Frederick Forsyth

Pulse: Protest at West Yorkshire NEXT factory accused of prioritising Polish workers

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