UKIP:- BBC: UKIP leader Nigel Farage ‘in strongest position’

Express: Farage on Friday: EU referendum a chance to create a better Britain for future generations

Paul Nuttall: Blair’s new organisation preaches censorship

Huff-Post:- Louise Bours MEP: The future of the NHS is under serious threat – UKIP is the only party prepared to defend it

Telegraph: How to solve Hannah’s sweets: A former GCSE maths teacher and UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott explains

EURef:- Telegraph:Nigel Farage: Join my campaign to leave the EU and get our country back

Express: UKIP leader Nigel Farage is back – and ready to lead the EU referendum campaign

Breitbart: Nigel Farage stands alone in the fight for a free Britain

Breitbart: Exclusive: Top Tory breaks ranks, calls for EU ‘out’ vote

Trove: Credit Suisse thinks that Britain will join the euro within 20 years If It votes to stay In the EU

EUreka:- ANSA: M5S to deliver Euro exit petition

Common Sense:- The Conservative Women; How the BBC ganged up to smear UKIP

Express: UKIP banned from gay pride march – even though party has thousands of LGBT members

Mediaocre:- Metro: Your Facebook,Twitter and blog are about to be monitred for references to the government

Express: Terror suspect let back in to UK because of human rights act – so when will we scrap it?

Independent: George Osborne accused of tricking voters as £3bn cuts impossed earlier than expected

Washington Examiner: Unlikely partners: Israel and Saudi Arabia in secret talks to stop Iran

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