Common Sense:- Express: UKIP blasts Tory strategist as ‘not caring about Britain’ after saying party has no future

UKIP Councillors slam ‘expensive’ unity event that will celebrate Dudley’s vibrant and diverse communities

Home Affairs:- Breitbart: ‘We’re not right wing…but we totally are!’: The gibberish found inside Britain’s Conservative party
Independent: Thousands of Polish workers to take part in the first ever migrant workers strike in Britain
Calais-Crisis:- Telegraph: Dozens of migrants in Calais have unlocked a supposedly secure door into the Eurotunnel complex
World Affairs:- Jews-News: China declares war on Islam: prayer in mosques is outlawed and all Muslim shopkeepers must sell alcohol & cigarettes
Express: Everest warning: Unzipped fault line threatens huge earthquake capable of moving mountain (Startling picture)
EUreka:- Relocate-Magazine: trade with non-EU countries continues to grow


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