UKIP:- Express: A very late Farage on Friday: 

UKIP Culture spokesman praises WW1 memorial:

UKIP Daily: What would you let your neighbour do without your consent? 

Common Sense:- Cameron’s broken promises on UKIP peers exposed by leaked letters:

Mediaocre:- Breitbart: Conservative party threatens grassroots activists with legal action:

Express: Border controls are a ‘failure’, says outgoing immigration chief:

RT news article: Political analyst & author William Engdahl says Obama is lying to the world about the intervention in Iraq again:

thecommentator: Why are we turning a blind eye to Christian genocide?

Mirror: SAS hunt down Islamist militants:

WikiLeakes: US let ISIS grow: in 2010 Syria offered to partner US to fight groups like ISIS but US armed them instead:

Mail: Drivers warned to brush up on new road tax rules or face £1000 fine as the disc disappears from windscreens in October:


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