Petition: Nigel Farage: Reconsider

Shameful Petition: Reform the FPTP system

UKIP:- Independent Voices: First past the post is now a bankrupt voting system says Nigel Farage

Common Sense:- Express: ‘An affront to democracy’ UKIP would have 83 seats under a ‘fair’ voting system

Mail: UKIP demand change to electoral system after surge in support

Telegraph: A bad election for UKIP but Nigel Farage’s party won’t go away

Irish Times: Farage hasn’t gone away and he probably won’t

Mediaocre:- BFNN:  Cameron set to return Falklands to Argentina by 2017 (Ed: surely this is a wind-up?)

Independent: DWP releases document on cuts to disabled work access scheme hours after election result

South Wales Evening Post: Did the returning officer accept a mark resembling a penis as a good vote?  (Ed: This has happened in other constituencies, with the candidates agreeing it with the Returning Officer, together with chuckles all round)



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