UKIP:- Mirror: Nigel Farage says Christmas is a Christian festival and we must defend who we are: 

Common-Sense:- Express: UKIP chairman blasts Douglas Carswell for ‘unhelpful’ Nigel Farage remarks: 

Mail: UKIP battles to suppress Nazi bully claims amid fears the outcry could hit £5.6 million funding: 

Migrant-Issues:- Mail: 1.2 million foreigners now living in social housing:

Natural-News: Sweden goes on lockdown following ISIS militant threats to decapitate and bomb citizens after invading country by posing as refugees: 

Mail: Third-world shanty town springs up in the heart of Paris as Roma gypsies build homes from rubbish & scrap metal:

World-Affairs:- Conservative-Tribune: Obama makes his move to censor Fox news:

EURef:- Express: Britain facing another EU cash grab, this time it’s only £34 billion:

EUreka:- Telegraph: David Cameron’s ‘new EU relationship’ is not what we’re being told:

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