UKIP:- BBC: Marr show: ‘EU renegotiation is going nowhere,’ says Nigel Farage: 

UKIP-Daily: Roger Helmer MEP: “In” campaign’s narratives of failure:

Talk-Carswell: The political establishment is robbing the young:

Common Sense:- Guardian: Family courts must open up to avoid ‘outrageous injustices’, warns UKIP:

The Tab: A conversation with the hopeful President of Aber’s UKIP society:

Telegraph: UKIP to target Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘disdain for monarchy and military’ in by-election battle:

Home Affairs:- Telegraph: David Cameron takes us for fools over his EU ‘renegotiations’: 

Express: Major London riot as hundreds of ravers attack police with petrol bombs & smash building: (No sign of Boris with his water canon)

Mail:- Simon Danczuk MP: Labour are the  new ‘nasty’ party now:

Express: Sharia law is a blight on UK: 

Migrant Crisis:- Powdered Wig Society: Civil war erupts in Sweden as irate Swedes burn nine Muslim refugee centres to the ground:

EURef:- Telegraph: Brexit is a life or death matter for Britain’s farmers:

Mediaocre:- Mail: Peter Hitchens: Democracy? That just means being ruled by secret cliques:

Standpoint: Douglas Murray: Migrant crisis? Europe hasn’t seen anything yet:

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