YouGov Poll:- Lab 32%, Con 32%, UKIP 18% LD 7% Grn 6%

UKIP:- Cameron is chicken and running scared of a debate with UKIP:

Essex Chronicle: Tributes to ‘fondly remembred’ UKIP councillor Gordon Helm: 

Common Sense:- BBC News: Why is UKIP so popular in South East England:

Independent: Birdgate: Sex, power, and the truth about the scandal that rocked UKIP: 

Mail: Peter Hitchens: The sinister, screeching mob who want to kill speech (and no, I don’t mean the Islamist terrorists in our midst). 

Breitbart: our response to Charlie Hebdo should be ridicule, not retaliation:

GE 2015:- Telegraph: Hospitals and fire services to be run ‘outside the public sector’.

Breitbart: UK forced to turn to allies with ‘begging bowl’ says defence spokesman:

Mirror: Westminster paedophile ring: Top Tory MP ‘murdered girl at vile orgy’ claims new witness:

Mail: Fear of criticising Islam, inflicts a self imposed blasphemy law on Britain says Lord Carey:

EUreka:- MEMO: EU policy ‘encourages’ anti-semitism, claims Lieberman: 

Mediaocre:- Independent: Anjem Choudaray: ‘Muslims do not believe in freedom of speech’

Mail: Nick Clegg launches an extraordinary defence of Abu Hamza’s family:

Prospect Magazine: Does Islam forbid pictures of the prophet? you decide: Chinese fed up of jihadists  execute 13: 

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