Common Sense:- Telegraph: Nigel Farage: ‘I am not playing the game’ 

Huff-Post: Inside Labour’s campaign to stop Farage: ‘We aren’t all UKIP supporting toothless thugs’ 

Mail: Charge drunks who keep turning up at A&E…..says Farage:

Breitbart: Carswell:  Crown Prosecution Service run by ‘Secular Extremists’

The Scotsman: If David Coburn speaks for none of us, who elected him?

GE15:- Money Week: Why David Cameron will remain as Prime Minister:

Mail: Peter Hitchens: Dave’s EU deceit is staring us in the face – and we still miss it:

Telegraph: Green Nuttily Bennett calls for a 60p tax rate:

Express: Migrant mum of 10 on £34,000 benefits demands bigger house:

Mirror: Cameron set to axe flagship Helicopter carrier HMS Ocean:

Express: British forces invade Falklands amid fears Argentina are on brink of landing:

BBC: Supermarket workers have to claim £11bn in benefits……..Charity says:

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