Petition:- Get the ‘UK’ out of the ‘EU’ now! 

Common Sense:- Robin-Hood UKIP: Nigel Farage on EU negotiations & Donald Trump:

UKIP-Daily: Tet, Take two: Islam’s European offensive -Part six – Tet take two:

Mirror: Would-be UKIP MP defects to Labour as fighting for Nigel Farage’s party was a ‘mistake’: 

World Affairs:- Reagan-Coalition: Obama would be impeached if he were white:

ZeroHedge: Is ISIS simply a “Saudi army in disguise”?

Telegraph: Paris climate summit: Will our membership of the EU leave us unable to eat or heat?

EURef:- The Sun: Tory MP Owen Patterson tells Prime Minister he must quit Europe to take back control of UK: 

Express: Serbia’s flood defences paid for by you while at home Cumbria is devastated by floods:

MHW Magazine: Don’t let the death of a driver be the catalyst for action at Calais:

EUreka:- Mail: David Cameron mocked by Brussels diplomats over threat to leave EU:

Bloomberg: French vote for regions as main parties seek to shut out Le-Pen:

Express: David Cameron calls for new EU gun curb after Paris attacks:

The Spectator: The EU plan to seize control of national borders:

Express: EU blows £210 million of our cash on scheme for jobless – which had no success:

Mediaocre:- Mail: Man leaves wife and 7 children to live as a transgender 6 year-old girl called Stefonknee:

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