UKIP:- Police & Crime Commissioner campaign launched outside the Home Office:

Police & Crime Commissioner manifesto:

Common-Sense:- Express: ‘EU referendum is not about Tory leadership’ Nigel Farage wants Brexit back on track:

Brexit:- Express: Brexit game changer: A third of Britons will vote Leave if Turkey joins EU: 

Breitbart: Queen is anti-EU, pro-commonwealth, Govt website confirms: 

Mail: David Cameron ‘doesn’t have the guts for Brexit’ claims Boris Johnson:

Express: Leaving the EU will make Britain ‘Great’ again:

NI News-Letter: After Brexit , farm subsidies could be even bigger: Villiers: 

Express: ‘Not good enough’ Tory activists lean away from Cameron and join Boris for Brexit:

Independent: Backing Brexit does not make you a ‘bad’ person, says Vote Leave head:

Mail: Barack Obama is heading over here to tell us to stay in the EU:

Express: Boss of pub giant Wetherspoon wants out of EU: ‘Powers should be with Britain’ 

Home-Affairs:- Telegraph: “The safe maximum speed on the soft soil that occurs along much of the HS2 route may be as low as 157MPH” 

CAPX Tony Blair was right: Modern politics is more interesting than ‘left’ and ‘right’

World-Affairs:- RickWellsUS: Soros and move on Marxists declaring war on America by targeting Trump:

EURef:- The Times: Whitehall gagged to bury bad news before EU poll:

Telegraph: Christopher Booker: Nine deceptions in our history with the EU:

Mail: Peter Hitchens: Here’s the entire EU debate in 9 words: Do you want to be a servant of Brussels?  

EUreka:- Express: We cannot just carry on paying to make it worse says Arron Banks: 

Telegraph: The EU cheerleaders are starting to panic:

Mediaocre:- Mirror: Carole Malone: On why whoever leaked Queen’s EU thoughts should be knighted:

Spiked: It’s pure historical amnesia to say the ‘boomers’ had it good: Superb piece from Brendan O’Neil. A must read:

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