UKIP:- RT:- ‘Why Cameron wants short EU campaign’ – Nigel Farage: 

Herald-Scotland:Nigel Farage accepts debate with Alex Salmond on EU:

UKIP: EU rules stop us taxing Google fairly admits George Osborne:

Jim Carver MEP: Politicians anger over court closures: 

Brexit:- CITY A.M: Ruth Lea: Ignore EU scaremongers: Why Britain would thrive post-Brexit: 

Telegraph: The night Margaret Thatcher said ‘we must leave’:

Home-Affairs:- Express: ‘It’s a national scandal’ 10 ‘Plague’ cases as deadly diseases from past return to UK: 

Telegraph:- The radical hard-left Momentum activists mounting a ruthless purge of Labour:

World-Affairs:- Your NewsWire: Assassination attempt on Syrian President Bashar al-assad:

Life-News: Euthanasia lobby pushes for euthanasia of mentally disabled who can’t consent:

Daily Caller: 5 moneyed environmentalists who profit off global warming:

EURef:- Breitbart: Germany threatens trade war as consequence for Brexit:

EUreka:- EU ready to scrutinise UK Google tax deal in avoidance crackdown:

Express: EU declares war on drivers: Brussels meddlers want ‘congestion charge’ in every town:

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