Common Sense:- Mail: UKIP candidate launches a rival to the Barbie bus:
Mail: ‘It’s liberal-left poppycock!’  UKIP fury as C4 predicts race riots if Farage wins election:
GE2015:- Mail: Riddle of ‘British Obama’ family’s £1m home: Tax haven funded purchase of London house:
Express: China has sold fighter aircraft to Argentina capable of reaching the Falkland Islands:
Mirror: Lose weight or lose your benefits: – Ian Duncan Smith:
Mail: Top military chief warns pooling Britain’s military hardware will leave us unable to fight our own wars:
EUreka:- HITC Politics: Majority of Brits want a referendum, and most want it in 2016:
Mediaocre:- Jewish News: Prince Charles will convert to Judaism “within three years”.
Independent: ISIS turn their Ire on smokers – Beheading them for partaking in slow suicide:
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