EURef:- Mail: Kate Hoey MP: Why Labour must end EU love-in and save our country: 

Sky News: Labour to launch EU ‘Yes’ campaign group:

Mail: Labour rocked by anti-EU rebellion:

Herald Scotland: Salmond: Tory and Labour rebels should join with SNP to stop EU ref clashing with devolved elections:

Guardian: ‘Who will pick our fruit’? Worried farmers fear for future If Britain quits EU:

EUreka:- Mail: Horrifying tale on the state of Greek healthcare. Many Greeks have decamped to the UK in desperation:

Trove: Italy warns EU over migrant redistribution proposal:

Straits Times: Police disperse blocked migrants at France-Italy border: 

European Commission Juncker celebrates 30 years of Schengen:

Mediaocre:- Telegraph: More than 80,000 shops could close by 2017 without overhaul of business rates:

Independent: After 1585 days the Chilcot report into Iraq war ‘unlikely to be published for another year’

Telegraph: Defence chiefs: UK ‘feeble’ on world stage: 

Express: UK waterpark bans bikinis and orders visitors to wear ‘Islamically appropriate’ clothes: 

Daily Record: 200 Scottish kids under 3 treated for drug and alcohol addiction:

Express: Terror threat to millions of holidaymakers as ISIS target Turkey: 

CNS News: Brigitte Gabriel gives fantastic answer to Muslim woman claiming all Muslims are portrayed badly:

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