Poll:- ComRes for Sunday Mirror & Independant on Sunday: Lab 34% = Con 30% -1 UKIP 19% = LD 8% +1 Grn 3% –1

Common Sense:- Guardian: Rochester by-election looks sweet for UKIP as voters lose taste for Tories: 

Express: Expect as many as six Tory MP’s to defect to UKIP if they win in Rochester & Strood: 

Mail: Peter Hitchens: Anger & apathy in the glory of old England…And a vote that may change it forever:

Mirror: UKIP’s ‘ordinary folk’-Spin doctors, Old Etonians and Oxbridge graduates:

Breitbart: Watch: UKIP launces new attack ad against Tories as poll predicts easy by-election win:

Reuters: John Major calls UKIP the ‘anti everything’ party:

GE2015:- Compulsory voting could stop democracy’cisis’ 

Express & Star: Galloway looking to unseat Black Country MP:

Mediaocre:- Express: Shoppers in Coventry supermarket ordered to kneel on floor as robbers threaten to behead them in IS style attack: 


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