Calais Crisis:- Express: 400 Britons in ‘English mafia’ blamed for trafficking migrants:

Home Affairs:- Telegraph: Ministers under fire for allowing half of Britain’s police forces to order 3000 foreign made vehicles: 

Express: Colonel’s fury as defence cuts ‘threaten future of Britain’s  Paras’.

Express & Star: Has the West Midlands become a dumping ground for asylum seekers?

Telegraph: Would you give your 12-year-old contraceptives? Someone is, have you been informed?

Breitbart:- Guardian: Union Jack is ‘ugly & divisive’

The Spectator: Labour meltdown: They’re more unelectable than ever, poll suggests:

World Affairs:- Express: Mapped: Terrifying growth of ISIS in just one year laid bare:

EUreka:- Zero-Hedge: Greece – guess what happens next: 

Mediaocre:- James Dellingpole: I prefer my cod in batter, thanks very much:


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