UKIP:- The failing state of most of England’s hospitals proves that the oversight organisations are inept and should be abolished says Louise Bours MEP:  

Job losses in steel industry and manufacturing will continue until we end environmental levies: says Jane Collins MEP

Common Sense:- 44% of UKIP voters’could imagine backing a military coup’, poll shows:

Home Affairs:- Telegraph: £150m legal bill for troops just doing their duty:

Politics-Home:  PM accused of planning to ‘purge’ eurosceptic cabinet members:

The Economist: In Cawdor’s shadow: The soft autocracy of nationalist Scotland:

Telegraph: In the long war over grammar schools working class children suffered most:

Telegraph: It’s true, grammar schools are not about equality-that’s why we should build more of them:

Telegraph: ‘Floodgates open’ for new wave of grammar schools across England:

City-AM: UK oil sector braces for job cuts as north sea oil production struggles with low prices:

World Affairs:- Breitbart: German police call for border fence as Turkey-travelling Merkel hits record poll low: 

Speisa: Angela Merkel shows her ignorance in interview with Bild:

The Marshall Report: Russia supports Trump-Establishment getting nervous:

EURef:- Telegraph: Geoffrey Lord Howe destroyed 700 years of Parliamentary sovereignty at a stroke: 

Independent: EU Referendum: Downing St aides ‘undermining’ support for ‘Out’ campaign: 

Telegraph: Britain has ‘nothing to fear’ from EU exit:

EUreka:- Economic Voice: TTIP is already changing EU food standards and It’s going to get worse:

YLE Uutiset: “Soldiers of Odin” patrol Kemi streets, to protect citizens from Islamic extremists:

Yahoo: Islam was ‘never part of Europe’: Hungary’s Orban: 

Breitbart: Claim: Turkey will use euro-billions to push Its Kurdish problem into Europe: 

Wall St Journal: Restoring Europe’s borders and sovereign nations:

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