Home Affairs:- Before It’s News: Kengate: Prime Minister David Cameron personally implicated in scandal!

Mail: Jeremy Corbyn did nothing when presented with evidence of paedophile activity in Islington:

Exaro-News: Ken Clarke: Police investigate second claim of indecent assault: 

Express: ‘A dangerous gamble’: More than a third of Britain’s army ‘cannot fight in combat’: 

BBC: Public sector workers ‘must have fluent English’

Calais Crisis:- Telegraph: Steven Woolfe MEP: We need to close down Calais untill the French get a grip:

Express: We’ll let all the migrants through: France threatens to punish UK over Calais Insults:

Mail: ‘We’ll let all the migrants through!’ Calais town hall warns: l

Express: The hotel is good but I don’t like the food. Abraham 33 from Eritrea: 

Mail: Government supply taxpayer funded hotel room & £35 week for Illegal immigrants:

Mediaocre:- Mail: Peter Hitchens: How long before the police stop investigating murder?

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