Election Result:- 17-09-15: Folkestone Town Council (Folkestone East ward) Con 21.6%…Lab 29.7%…Lib-Dem 9.3%…TUSC 1.8%…UKIP 37.4% (UKIP gain)

UKIP:- Express: Farage on Friday: I’ve bit my tongue about Jeremy Corbyn: – until now:

Sorry Jeremy…the EU won’t let us renationalise our railways: says Jill Seymour MEP

Common Sense:- Express & Star: Drivers will soon face hefty charges to drive into Birmingham city centre, a panicked reaction to EU targets & regionalisation, says Bill Etheridge MEP

Home Affairs:- Comrade Corbyn has eight months to get Labour in order or the axe falls:

World Affairs:- Express: Christians ‘martyred for beliefs every five minutes by Islamic state  and other terrorists’

Express: Iman tells Muslim migrants to breed with Europeans to ‘conquer their countries’

Political Outcast: Republican insider says establishment will go third party to defeat Donald Trump:

EUreka:- Jews-News: Slovakia: The world’s first country to forbid Muslim migrants: 

Spiegel: Viktor Orban wants to keep refugees out of Hungary: 

Telegraph: Battered Greek banks to flout Brussels new ‘bail-in’ rules:

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