Common Sense:- Telegraph: There’s a rocky road ahead for the UKIP bandwagon: 
Evening Standard: ‘Just don’t’ UKIP urges media to steer clear of social media after series of scandals:
Independent: ‘Drop the avatars,’ says UKIP Chairman:
Huff-Post: Which Labour MP has been seen having a pint or three with Nigel Farage?
Telegraph: Nigel Farage is the politician of 2014, Labour MP declares:
Northern Echo: UKIP gaining ground in traditional Labour areas, leaked document admits:
JerusalemPost: Why I will be voting to leave the European Parliament:
GE 2015:- Mirror: Poll says Labour on course for 2015 victory-But UKIP is now Britain’s favourite political party:
Sky: PM dismissive of historical sex abuse claims: 
New Statesman: Ashcroft Polls: Labour will not win a majority – and could lose four seats to UKIP:
EUreka:-  Mail: EU court order UK to award up to 70 million Turks  UK welfare & pension rights:
euronews: Who is the worst at spending Brussels billions?
Mediaocre:- Huff-Post: Westminster paedophile ring dossier names 3 MPs and 3 Peers:
RT: 100 foreign fighters executed by ISIS for trying to quit:
Mail: Forget ‘evil’ Putin-we are the bloodthirsty warmongers:
Mail: The six year warranty right that shops don’t tell customers about:
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