UKIP:- Say No to the EU event in Wolverhampton 20-02-16; featuring Jill Seymour MEP … Jim Carver MEP … Bill Etheridge MEP and last but by no means least, Nigel Farage MEP:

Express & Star: UKIP leader Nigel Farage issues rallying cry to ‘peoples army’ to win ‘no’ vote in EU referendum:

Farage for Breitbart: Enemies  Unite:  June 23 portrait

BBC:- Paul Nuttall MEP on the Prime Ministers lamentable deal: 

Brexit:- Sky News: ‘Majority’ of Tory MPs likely to back Brexit:

The Spectator: Michael Gove: Why I’m backing Brexit:

ITV News: Brexit ‘would give us greater protection from terror attacks’: says Iain Duncan-Smith MP:

CITY A.M: Brexit could lead to house prices 5% lower: 

RT:- Pro-Brexit camp takes 2% lead in poll:

Home-Affairs:- Business Insider:- There’s a civil war brewing in the Conservative Party:

Metro: Overcrowded homes in Sports Direct town have walls ‘down the middle of their windows’: 

World-Affairs:- The Informer: CIA pilot swears oath: Planes did not bring towers down on 9/11:

EURef:- Guido: Spreadsheet listing Conservative MPs position on Brexit: 

Con-Home: Liam Fox: Cameron’s deal. Not the mouse that roared but the lion that whimpered:

Telegraph: EU Referendum: How stupid does David Cameron think we are? asks Simon Heffer:

Mail: ‘Even If we leave the EU, we won’t be able to control immigration’ David Cameron warns:

Telegraph:- Chris Grayling MP  Leader of the House of Commons: Why the UK should leave the EU: 

BBC: Theresa Villiers MP NI Secretary: Leaving EU is safer option:

Birmingham Mail: Birmingham MP Giesla Stuart says she’s backing the campaign to leave EU:

Sky News: Boris pensions Tsar: EU deal ‘Unimpressive’:

Mail:- Two in three private investors say leaving EU is best for savings:

EUreka:- The Muslim Issue:- Czech President: ‘It’s practically impossible to integrate Muslims into Western Europe’: 

Breitbart: ‘Islamic rape of Europe’: Polish magazine splashes ‘White Europa’ girl groped by migrant hands: 

Mediaocre:- Prospect Magazine: “Class is a deeper dividing line in British society than ethnicity”:

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