Home Affairs:- Telegraph: Men dress up as women, police investigate a hate crime:

World Affairs:- Shoebat: Russia outlaws the building of mosques, will get tougher on Islam:

Conservative Tribune: Muslim navy engineer busted red -handed in major act of treason:

Breitbart: ISIS ‘Beheading, raping, selling’ Christians Obama unmoved: 

Shoebat: Italy makes new law: Muslims will not be allowed to build any new mosques:

EURef:- Mail: Germany demands Britain urgently takes more immigrants:

EUreka:- Telegraph: “There is not much political appetite for a ‘United States of Europe’ for the moment or for the forseeable future.” 

Express: The EU is making a laughing stock out of this country: 

Independent: Dresden riots: Protesters in Germany attack refugee buses shouting ‘foreigners out’

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