UKIP:- Sky news: Nigel Farage explains how UKIP won Rochester & Strood: 

Rasen Mail: Head girl Arabella to lead UKIP youth in Market Rasen:

Boston Standard: UKIP confirms local Councillor as  candidate for Boston & Skegness:

Bedfordshire on Sunday: UKIP dad stands against Nadine: 

Common Sense:- Mirror: Nigel Farage message to Tories: Defect to UKIP or you’ll face destruction: 

Express: The night UKIP return kitchen sink to David Cameron:

Mail: Peter Hitchens: The night a fleet of Tory snake-oil tankers sailed into Rochester ….and sank:

Conservative Woman: Thornberry’s sneering tweet is a gift to Nigel Farage:

Express: Opinion poll shows UKIP come second to Tories:

Scunthorpe Telegraph: Odds slashed on UKIP winning Lincolnshire seats: 

Chronicle: UKIP has eye on North as poll shows party’s vote set to increase ten-fold:

Mail: It’s time to stop dancing to cynical UKIP’s corrosive, pernicious tune, says 1922 committee vice chairman:

Buzz Feed news: UKIP are a shower of xenophobes and should not have power, says SNP minister:

GE2015:- Mail: The Thornberry set and their million pound homes…. how Ed’s elite live cheek by jowl in leafy North London:  

Wales Online: ‘Labour & Tories in denial about how out-of-touch they are’

Sky Sources: Ex-PM Gordon Brown to quit as MP: 

Mail: Miliband  and his clique of millionaire allies a ‘Berlin wall’ between Labour and his working class voters

Next PM

Mail: Britain is full-shut the door..Meltdown at No10 summit as top tory slapped down:

Telegraph: Muslim MP: 2000 Britons fighting for Islamic State: 

EUreka:- ‘Greater Birmingham’ look where it originated:

Mail: British fraud hunter exposes EU staff on the take….in her own anti corruption unit:

Mediaocre:- Independent: Child abuse cases ‘tip of the iceberg’ in sexual exploitation of children says Theresa May:

Mirror: Police considered manslaughter charges against ambulance service after mother died following paramedics’ delay: 

Telegraph: Peers told they can retire and still use the House of Lords:

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