Common Sense:- Littlehampton Gazette: Farage makes big catch in Littlehampton harbour:

Express: ‘Burqa not conducive to western liberal society’: We should follow ban says Paul Nuttall: UKIP

EUreka:- Mirror: Carol McGiffin:  Time to quit the EU as businesses expose the political lies ahead of referendum:

Sky News: Labour party u-turn over EU referendum: 

Guardian: Labour to push for votes for 16 year old’s for EU referendum:

Yorkshire Post: Godfrey Bloom: Epic battle looming to win back sovereignty from EU: 

Mirror: David Cameron faces EU referendum revolt over who will be allowed to vote in it: 

RT: ‘Can’t pay, won’t pay’: Greece has no money to make IMF payment, says Interior minister:

Mediaocre:- Mail: Shamed: Foreign aid fatcats who built £1.4 million empire with your tax money:

Telegraph: Democracy ditched in race for ‘powerhouse’ Mayor:

BFNN: Murdoch to be in charge of E-voting from 2020: 

Independent: Apprenticeship scheme is ‘by-passing school-leavers’ with too few places to fill demand:

Telegraph: Climate change forecasts ‘exaggerated’, ex environment secretary Owen Paterson claims: 

Mail: Peter Hitchens: Why Charles shakes Gerry Adams’ hand-but avoids a loyal patriot: 

Guardian: Has the Labour party outlived Its usefulness: 

Mail: 94 pupils at Devon secondary school test positive for TB:

XTribune: Top ISIS official found beheaded, possible reason why found inside his severed head:

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