UKIP:- The Times: William Cash Jr:  Heritage & economics do mix in a UKIP Britain:  

Northern Ireland party election broadcast:

Common Sense:- UKIP-Daily:  Professionals praise UKIP: 

Breitbart: Miliband: Labour would outlaw Islamaphobia:

GE15:- Mail: Tories lead in third poll in a row as Ed’s voters turn to UKIP:

Breitbart: The aloof Labour party have abandoned the working classes:

Express: Trident nuclear submarines to be moved to Gibraltar amid SNP threat:

The Spectator: Why so many bankers secretly like Labour’s non-dom proposal:

Telegraph: Labour plans to build on the green belt if they win the election:

Express: Nicola Sturgeon linked to IT fraud probe:

Mail: Peter Hitchens: Something’s wrong when Tebbit says vote Labour:

EUreka:- Cider Makers fear Brussels could destroy the region’s favourite tipple for good: 

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