UKIP:- Doncaster 2015 UKIP Conference: Playlist: Speeches and interviews: 

BBC Andrew Marr show: Nigel Farage ‘we want our country back’: 

Common Sense:- Express: Douglas Carswell MP calls on UKIP to smash ‘cosy club’ that has run Britain ‘into the ground’:

Express: UKIP vow teachers & soldiers will get a pay rise after EU exit:

Express: Nigel Farage meets super-fan sporting a tattoo of his face:

Home Affairs:- ExpressBritain facing winter blackouts … because of ‘crazy’ EU rules on climate change:

Telegraph: Moderate Hilary Benn purged from Labour NEC to be replaced by Corbyn nominee:

Express: 3m starving in the UK: 

World Affairs:- Independent: Syria crisis: David Cameron raises prospect of Assad staying in power to win Russian support for anti-ISIS alliance: 

ABNA: ISIS executes 40 of its militants as internal conflict intensifies:

Express: The Syrian Christian martyrs (warning some graphic content):

Before Its News: Goldman strikes again: Did a probe into “Global warming” fraud cost a Prime Minister’s job?

EURef:- Telegraph: Simon Heffer: Suddenly, leaving the EU looks within reach:

Express: Business leaders are as Eurosceptic as the rest of the UK:

Telegraph: If the era of democracy is over in Europe, It’s time for Britain to get out:

EUreka:- BFIS: Mario Draghi: Our International framework is still not commensurate with the requirements of sharing one currency: Thousands of people in Europe take to the streets to drive out Islam: 

Pravda: Germany declines, loses European identity for the sake of Islam: 

RT: Anti-migrant rally draws thousands in Poland: 

Gatestone institute: Germany: The death of property rights:  Migrants in, Germans out:

Europe’s Muslim demographics:

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