Common Sense:- Mirror:  UKIP rising star who helped Nigel Farage rake in £1 million:

Guardian: Is Tony Blair one step closer to the Hague:

GE2015:- Akashic Times: Government considering introduction of unemployment tax:

The Muslim News: Exclusive: Muslim voters may determine next government:

Akashic Times: UK enforces law which bans public from criticising government:

Express: Falklands defence review after military deal between Russia and Argentina:

Telegraph: Doctors told to report patients who put on weight!

Mail: True toll of Labour’s 24 hour drink law:

The Federalist Papers: Husbands who yell at wives face up to 14 years in prison:

Express: Eighty per cent of Briton’s hate ‘meddling nanny state’

EUreka:-  Telegraph: Sir John Major tipped to lead talks on EU:

SPEISA: Former Swedish PM: Sweden belongs to the immigrants – Not the Swedes!

Wall Street Journal: Ukraine ends ‘nonaligned’ status, earning quick rebuke from Russia:

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