UKIP:- Sunday Politics: Nigel Farage says we should check every truck in Calais: 

Mail: Nigel Farage:  Get tough on controlling  our borders this is now a matter of national security:

EURef:- TelegraphEurope’s dining-table diplomacy will leave Britain with indigestion:

Telegraph: Why leaving the EU would not be a disaster for the UK’s exporters:

EUreka:- RT: ‘We don’t need EU permission’: Greek parliament ratifies bailout referendum:

Telegraph: Britain to build huge fence at channel tunnel port in France:

Mediaocre:- The Spectator: Rod Liddle:  British people need rescuing from North Africa. Where’s the Royal Navy now?

Telegraph: Argentine judge orders seizure of Falklands drillers’ assets: 

The Spectator: Douglas Murray: ‘Religion of peace’ is not a harmless platitude:

Telegraph: Battle to win £2 billion deal to replace Britain’s Nimrod spy planes:

Libertarian Republic: Gay couple to sue church to force it to marry them: 

Telegraph: The BBC is in a fog of groupthink  and can’t see how biased it is:

Mail: Peter Hitchens: The EU reigns over our borders, our laws….and now our Queen:

Gatestone Institute: Netherlands to abandon multiculturalism:

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