After the Conference, life has returned to normal at UKIP Daily and the Courant Times, so here we go with another edition of finding the parts of the internet that others don’t find !

CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHTS:- Leaders keynote conference speech

Reckless joins UKIP

Mark Reckless Nigel Farage

Mark Reckless: We are more than a star on someone else’s flag

Educating Britain: Paul Nuttall MEP Deputy Leader

Louise Bours MEP explodes onto the conference stage dispelling Labour lies about UKIP’s stance on the NHS

ITV: Farage hailed the world’s greatest leader

UKIP:- Today’s comment from Nigel Farage

Breitbart: Hard Left attempt Farage assault as Tories and Socialist Workers protest Rochester walkabout

C4 Crick on politics: Tories hijack Reckless & Farage event in Rochester

Roger Helmer: Article on the Electoral Commission and ‘Party’ designed to undermine UKIP’s position in the euro-elections

Common Sense:- Yorkshire Post: UKIP hint at Labour defections

City AM: Three reasons UKIP might have the best brand in British politics

The Scotsman: SNP Named Person Act raises the hackles of UKIP Scotland and rightly so

The Spectator: Mark Reckless: The away day row that made me lose my faith in David Cameron

GE2015:- Telegraph: A Defection & resignation plunge Conservatives into turmoil

Mail: Furious Cameron hits out: ‘ I have to admit, It’s not been the best start’:  Tory conference overshadowed

Mail: Osborne to ban dole for young and reduce benefit cap to £23000

Mediaocre:- Mail: Iraqi asylum seekers making a fortune renting luxury London flats paid for by the taxpayer

Guardian: Ricketts returns as poor families find healthy diets unaffordable

Earth We Are One: Is this the breakthrough that finally ends ‘Big Oil’ and brings solar power to the world?

thecommentator: Don’t drop the ball of Labour’s Rotherham disgrace

Mail: Peter Hitchens: Dragged into war by clowns who can’t even run a railway

The Spectator: In an interview with the West’s last truly outspoken leader Former Czech President Vaclav Klaus talks about the lies Europe tells about Russia

And one added by the Editor:

Conservative Home: Has Reckless done Cameron a favour?

Folks, anyone who can get to Rochester and help with By Election campaign, do so. In Clacton, the Tories are resigned to failure, in Heywood and Middleton we are fighting the good fight with Labour, but Rochester & Strood will be the “High Noon” moment with the Conservatives.

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