Common Sense:- YouTube: Nigel Farage has had enough of the BBC: 

MailFarage wants to exterminate Dr Who: 

Nigel Farage takes shock victory in SEO election 2015:

Express: UKIP is in touch with ordinary British people:

GE15:- BBC:- Why election 2015 is the most unpredictable ever:

ITV: Miliband commissions ‘election pledges’ stone for No 10 garden:

The Spectator: Labour is pledging a £1 million handout to Scottish foodbanks. Why not English ones? 

EUreka:- Express: UKIP accuses EU of migrant ‘blackmail’ 

Mediaocre:- RT: Moscow urges OSCE to act amid reports Donetsk shelling:

RT: Putin ratifies BRICS $100bn currency pool deal:

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