UKIP:- Jill Seymour has condemend the ‘silent surrender’ of yet more British powers to the European Union over the weekend 

YI members contest pre-conceptions at “keep Notts UKIP free” event

Common Sense:- Express: Tories to tackle tax finally, aknowledges Neil Hamilton

Breitbart: Labour still has a stranglhold on the North but UKIP can break it

Inside Man: Why is UKIP backing 50:-50 shared parenting for seperated dads

GE2015:- Mirror:- Immigration shambles: Is France about to scrap border treaty resulting in four times as many illegals living in makeshift camps in Kent

C4 News: with bookies quoting 1/20 on a UKIP victory in Rochester many cannot see how the Conservatives can ever get a majority next May. And the Lib-Dems are on course to lose 50% of their MP’s  

ConHome: We need more Commonwealth immigration

Telegraph:  Just like the paedophile  file it now appears the expenses file has now also been destroyed: What are they hiding? 

The Spectator: What part of the Manchester ‘no’ did George Osborne fail to understand?

EUreka:- BBC News: Germany ‘would accept UK exit from EU’ to protect migration rules: (nice of her to give us the nod)

Breitbart: Cameron plans ‘German friendly’ EU reforms to save British membership

Guardian: Merkel warns Cameron over freedom of movement

Wolf Street: The wrath of Draghi: First German banks hits savers with negative interest rates

UKColumn: Treason & EU takeover

Mediaocre:- Mirror: The majority of new housing benefit claimants are middle class & employed

Breitbart: Army cadet attacked with makeshift blowtorch while selling poppies

BBC News: Black applicants fast tracked to the top of the civil service

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