UKIP:- Sky News video: Nigel Farage: speaking English should be a pre requisite of employment by the NHS:

Bloggers for UKIP: Updated list of LibLabCon-SNP-Green scoundrels from 2014:

Common Sense:- Daily News: Shock Poll shows UKIP winning 2019 general election: 

Iain Dale: Proof that UKIP may cost Labour seats (Especially in Wales) in May:

Bloggers for UKIP: First Mirror attack of the year fails:

Guardian:- Doctors are the best hospital managers, really:

GE2015:- C4 News: Tories unveil the ‘Merkel ‘road to recovery’

Telegraph: The most sinister kangaroo court in the UK jails grandmother for cuddling her granddaughter: 

Telegraph: Spending on military could fall after General Election, David Cameron admits:

Mirror: Westminster paedophile ring….MP expects tens of thousands of victims to come forward:

Mail: Why Britain was wrecked in 1965:

EU:- Express: Conservative party EU referendum rifts opening: 
The Diplomat: Russian sanctions, China, and the Arctic:
thecommentator: Britain’s complicated relationship with Europe:
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