Poll:- First poll for Rochester & Strood is in: Survation show Con 31%, Lab 25%, UKIP……..40%

Mail: Cameron shock at poll as voters ignore his warning about going to bed with Nigel Farage:
Guardian: UKIP’s Mark Reckless on course to win Rochester:
UKIP:- BBC Panorama programme planning new establishment attack on UKIP
Breitbart:- War clouds loom as Farage issues tough rebuke on the eve of fresh Panorama hatchet-job:
Mail online Wires: UKIP leader says Cameron’s EU plan a “gross deception”
Independent: Clacton-by-election: A bit early for UKIP to celebrate, but there’s only one party:
SBS: Austrailia’s news channel SBS profile’s UKIP & Nigel Farage:
Common Sense:- Kent Online: Medway Tory councillors follow Mark Reckless to UKIP: 
Stockton Gazette: Stockton UKIP campaigner hits out at ‘scandalous’ treatment of returning servicemen
EUreka:- Reuters: Opposition builds to UK nuclear project in EU executive-sources:  
Express: Spanish fighter jets invade British airspace over Gibraltar:
New York Times: France produces a ‘no austerity’ budget, defying EU rules
STV: In/out referendum on UK’s EU membership probably inevitable
Mediaocre:- RT: Pakistan Taliban pledges support to ISIS as coordinated West-hatred gains momentum:
Mail: How police hacked Mail on Sunday phone using anti terror laws to track down judge protected source who exposed Chris Huhne:

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