UKIP:- William Dartmouth MEP calls for TTIP document to be released to public and not just to MEPs:

Home Affairs:- RT: alleged Al Qaeda courier returns to UK weeks after citizenship revoked: 

Breitbart: Now it’s ‘racist’ to ask immigrants to learn English or abandon dodgy, imported election practices:

World Affairs:- Sun: six days to terror: Damning report as Sun investigator smuggles himself from Turkey to Paris: 

ITCW: Turkey detains 4 Russian ships in Black Sea: 

RT: Why the US, France & Britain are destroying Syria:

Off Guardian: France: on second thoughts, Assad does not have to go:

EURef:- Sun: Champ calls for EU knockout:

Mediaocre:- AGB: Humanist and former “moderate Muslim” on how to tell a moderate Muslim from a radical Muslim: 

New Statesman: Why Tony Blair’s second career should frighten David Cameron:

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