Poll:- Opinion/Observer: Lab 34% Con 29% UKIP 19% LD 6% Grn 6%
UKIP:- IBT: UKIP leader Nigel Farage: ‘Muslims responsible for rising anti-semitism in UK’.
GE2015:- Mail: Peter Hitchens: Well done, George- now we’re just £1,500,000, 000, 000 in debt:
Telegraph: In their hearts voters just want a smaller state:
Express: BBC accused of plotting to ensure a Labour victory:
Independent: Hunger crisis ‘stalking Britain’ is more shocking than in Africa, says Archbishop of Canterbury:
Mirror: NHS Christmas crisis: 1800 nurses quit in past two months:
Express: Cost of incarcerating foreign criminals soars to £380 million: 
EUreka:- Mail: Shortage of truck drivers caused by EU rules threatens economy: 
HITC: Majority of Brits would vote to leave EU, and more back big change:
Breitbart: The European Staightjacket: 12 reasons why the UK needs a divorce from the EU:
Mediaocre:- Frontpage Mag: Muslim brotherhood reveals Obama ordered shift of support from US allies to Islamist groups:
Mail: US weapons drop meant for Kurds ends up in the hands of ISIS:
World Truth TV: 11 tactics used by the mainstream media to manufacture consent for the oligarchy:
Metro: Uproar over claims ‘White Christmas is racist

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